BQIT:22 – Finding and Characterising Robust Quantum Controls

Irtaza Khalid, Carrie Weidner, S.G. Schirmer, Edmond Jonckheere, Frank C. Langbein. Finding and Characterising Robust Quantum Controls. Poster, BQIT:22, 2022. [PDF:poster]

An update on our EQTC2021 poster:

  1. The average fidelity is a statistical robustness-infidelity measure (RIM1) as it is the first order optimal transport distance from the perfectly robust distribution 𝛿1.
  2. Higher-order RIMs are equivalent up to scaling to lower-order RIMs. RIM1 is a sufficient controller robustness measure.
  3. This extends to compare quantum control algorithms: algorithmic RIM (ARIM). Numerical results on the energy landscape control of XX-Heisenberg chains indicate that not all high-fidelity controllers are also robust.
  4. There exists some benefit to incorporating certain noise in finding low RIM controllers due to smoothing.
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