PIDS is an algorithm for symbolic simplification of expressions implemented in e-lisp. It has been developed as part of a computer lab course at the Mathematical Institute A, Stuttgart University. The current version is very simple and represents only the basic idea. It employs an intelligent search algorithm to find a simpler expression from a given expression using a set of given rules. It needs lots of improvements in order to be of any use. If you are interested have a look at the report and the code. If you have any suggestions, comments, improvements, etc. let me know.


      • F. C. Langbein, S. G. Schirmer, K. Organtzoglou. The PIDS Algorithm. Technical Report, Mathematical Institute A, Stuttgart University, 1995.




            • Katharina Organtzoglou
              Department of Mathematics, Stuttgart University, Germany.

            • Sophie G Schirmer
              Department of Physics, College of Science, Swansea University, Wales, UK.

            • Frank C Langbein
              School of Computer Science, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK.