Teaching should enable students to understand concepts such that they can apply these on their own to solve problems and ultimately develop new concepts. Presenting well-organised content seems important, but enabling students to form their own understanding of these concepts is at the core of good teaching. I hope the material below helps some to solve problems and understand the patterns underneath. If you have any comments, edits or improvements, please let me know.

Artificial intelligence is concerned with the design and analysis of autonomous systems. These are software systems and/or physical machines, with sensors and actuators, embodied for example within a robot, an autonomous spacecraft or a computer controlled game character. An intelligent system has to perceive its environment, to act rationally towards […]

Artificial Intelligence

Computer graphics is the art and science of representing and manipulating information using images generated through computation. This involves the study of (i) models suitable for manipulating and viewing shapes, (ii) real-time and realistic rendering techniques for these models, and (iii) devices for viewing and interacting with the models. This […]