Computers and networks create a fascinating “virtual world”, implemented on top of the physical world, to create, explore, control and evolve. The evolution of society has also made this a political issue. To ensure democracy prevails and lives up to its promise, software should be uncontrollable and unobservable, maximising the power given to each individual. I am prepared to live with the society this creates, as the alternative is not worth putting in any effort. Whenever possible, I write and support free software as this is the best way of distributing software for users, research and innovation. Instead of limiting the rights of others, I prefer sharing my work.

LEAP, the Linux-Equipped Astronauts Project, is a project to port to Linux those applications that the astronauts use on their laptops, so that each astronaut has a choice of operating systems. We know that several of the astronauts already use Linux at home, and would appreciate being able to use […]

LEAP Overview

Astarte is intended to become a general object oriented development and user environment specifically aimed for scientific applications. Many scientific projects require complex software. Usually software developed for a certain research project cannot easily be applied or used by other projects. An expandable and adaptable environment especially designed for scientific […]

Astarte Overview

DeLia intends to address those problems as a universal packaging, configuration and administration system. Instead of setting exact requirements for the configuration of a system the intention is to provide a flexible approach to the configuration within a fixed, but general framework of options. However, at this stage it does […]

DeLiA Overview

PIDS is an algorithm for simplifying mathematical expressions, implemented in emacs lisp. pids-1.0.tar.gz – PIDS Version 1.0. If you use this code please cite