Beautification of Reverse Engineered Geometric Models

September 1999 – June 2003: Beautification of Reverse Engineered Geometric Models, EPSRC GR/M78267/01. PI: R. R. Martin, CoI: A. D. Marshall, P. M. Hall. £310,527.

We aim to devise computationally efficient methods for beautification of solid models produced by reverse engineering.The input on the process will be a raw geometric model produced from a range image using existing view merging, segmentation, surface fitting, and geometric model creation methods. The output will be a beautified geometric model which is a modification of the input model incorporating appropriate symmetries and regularities. The new model will be determined automatically, without user input.We will investigate, devise algorithms and data structures for, and implement, two categories of software:- constraint generation software which identifies candidate symmetries and regularities for the final model, and hence implied constraints;- enforcement software which imposes as large a consistent subset of these as possible on the input model to produce the output model.Various approaches will be considered for each of these main objectives.

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