Geometry and Curvature of Spin Networks

E Jonckheere, S G Schirmer, F C Langbein. Geometry and Curvature of Spin Networks. IEEE International Conference on Control Applicatons, pp. 786-791, 2011. [DOI:10.1109/CCA.2011.6044395] [arXiv:1102.3208] [PDF]

A measure for the maximum quantum information transfer capacity (ITC) between nodes of a spin network is defined, and shown to induce a metric on a space of equivalence classes of nodes for homogeneous chains with XX and Heisen-berg couplings. The geometry and curvature of spin chains with respect of this metric are studied and compared to the physical network geometry. For general networks hierarchical clustering is used to elucidate the proximity of nodes with regard to the maximum ITC. Finally, it is shown how minimal control can be used to overcome intrinsic limitations and speed up information transfer.



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