Time Domain Sensitivity of the Tracking Error

S. O’Neil, S.G. Schirmer, F.C. Langbein, C.A. Weidner, E. Jonckheere. Time Domain Sensitivity of the Tracking Error. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 2023. [DOI:10.1109/TAC.2023.3331681] [arXiv:2210.15783] [PDF]

A strictly time-domain formulation of the log-sensitivity of the error signal to structured plant uncertainty is presented and analyzed through simple classical and quantum systems. Results demonstrate that across a wide range of physical systems, maximization of performance (minimization of the error signal) asymptotically or at a specific time comes at the cost of increased log-sensitivity, implying a time-domain constraint analogous to the frequency-domain identity S(s) + T(s) = I. While of limited value in classical problems based on asymptotic stabilization or tracking, such a time-domain formulation is valuable in assessing the reduced robustness cost concomitant with high-fidelity quantum control schemes predicated on time-based performance measures.

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