Static Bias Controllers for XX Spin-1/2 Rings

Frank C Langbein, Sophie G Schirmer, Edmond Jonckheere. Static Bias Controllers for XX Spin-1/2 Rings. Data set, figshare, 3rd July 2016. [DOI:10.6084/m9.figshare.3485240.v1] [ZIP] [Repository:] [Repository-Mirror:]

Shortest times achieved for instantaneous transition fidelities Propagation of information encoded in spin degrees of freedom through networks of coupled spins enables important applications in spintronics and quantum information processing. This data set contains the results of applying optimal control of information propagation in networks of spin-1/2 particles with uniform nearest neighbor XX-couplings forming a ring with a single excitation in the network as simple prototype of a router for spin-based information. The
control is implementing via spatially distributed potentials, which remain constant during information transfer. The limited degrees of freedom makes finding a control that maximizes the transfer probability in a short time difficult.

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S. G. Schirmer, E. Jonckheere, F. C. Langbein. Design of Feedback Control Laws for Information Transfer in Spintronics Networks. Submitted 2016. [arXiv:1607.05294] [PDF]

F. C. Langbein, S. G. Schirmer, E. Jonckheere. Time optimal information transfer in spintronics networks. Proc. IEEE 54th Annual Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), pp. 6454-6459, Osaka, Japan, December 15-18, 2015. [DOI:10.1109/CDC.2015.7403236] [arXiv:1508.00928]

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