2827056 example regularity feature tree construction for the method published in “Constructing Regularity Feature Trees for Solid Models”.


Faces: 355
Regularity Features: 155
Regularity Feature Tree depth: 5
Time: 10.96s

The regularity feature tree decomposition of the 2827056 part is shown below. On the first decomposition level 93 edge-connected solids are produced, three of which are (a), (d) and (g). The other edge-connected solids are simple cylinders which do not decompose further as shown in (j). Sub-part (a) is further decomposed into 11 regularity features at the next level in the tree as shown in (b), and results in the updated model (c). Sub-part (d) leads to 11 regularity features at the next level in the tree as shown in (e) with resulting updated model shown in (f). The resulting regularity features are further decomposed. This is not shown due to the straight-forward nature of these cases.However, the updated model (i) was only decomposed into a bottom block and a second part. We expected the second part to be decomposed further into three blocks (see the paper on Constructing Regularity Feature Trees for Solid Models for an explanation).

2827056_c2 2827056_c2_rf 2827056_c2_um
(a) (b) (c)
2827056_c3 2827056_c3_rf 2827056_c3_um
(d) (e) (f)
2827056_c1 2827056_c1_rf 2827056_c1_um
(g) (h) (i)
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