MOhne example regularity feature tree construction for the method published in “Constructing Regularity Feature Trees for Solid Models”.


Faces: 205
Regularity Features: 93
Regularity Feature Tree depth: 5
Time: 12.11s

The regularity feature tree decomposition for the mohne part is shown below. On the first decomposition level 36 edge-connected solids are produced, nine of which can be further decomposed, including the parts shown in (a), (d), (g), (h), and (i). Other parts are similar to these and are not shown here. Sub-part (a) leads to five negative regularity features and four positive regularity features at the next level in the tree as shown in (b). These further yield the regularity feature (c) as the updated model. Sub-part (d) leads to six negative and seven positive regularity features at the next level in the tree as shown in (e), and results in an updated model shown in (f). The decomposition results of sub-parts (g) and (h) are straight-forward and not shown here. Our current implementation of the RFT creation cannot decompose sub-part (i) any further due to the way the two cylinders intersect each other (but the regularity feature is sufficiently simply for subsequent regularity detection). The simple edge-connected solids which where not further decomposed are shown in (j).

mohne-c1 mohne-c1-rf mohne-c1-um
(a) (b) (c)
mohne-c5 mohne-c5-rf mohne-c5-umt
(d) (e) (f)
2827056_c2 mohne-c3 mohne-c4
(g) (h) (i)
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