Generalised Anisotropic Stratified Surface Sampling

J.A. Quinn, F. C. Langbein, Y.-K. Lai, R. R. Martin. Generalised Anisotropic Stratified Surface Sampling. IEEE Trans. Visualization and Computer Graphics 19 (7), 1143-1157, 2013. [DOI:10.1109/TVCG.2012.305] [PDF]



We introduce a novel stratified sampling technique for mesh surfaces that gives the user control over sampling density and anisotropy via a tensor field. Our approach is based on sampling space-filling curves mapped onto mesh segments via parametrizations aligned with the tensor field. After a short preprocessing step, samples can be generated in real time. Along with visual examples, we provide rigorous spectral analysis and differential domain analysis of our sampling. The sample distributions are of high quality: they fulfil the blue noise criterion, so have minimal artifacts due to regularity of sampling patterns, and they accurately represent isotropic and anisotropic densities on the plane and on mesh surfaces. They also have low discrepancy, ensuring that the surface is evenly covered.

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