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Computer graphics is the art and science of representing and manipulating information using images generated through computation. This involves the study of (i) models suitable for manipulating and viewing shapes, (ii) real-time and realistic rendering techniques for these models, and (iii) devices for viewing and interacting with the models. This […]


LEAP, the Linux-Equipped Astronauts Project, is a project to port to Linux those applications that the astronauts use on their laptops, so that each astronaut has a choice of operating systems. We know that several of the astronauts already use Linux at home, and would appreciate being able to use […]

LEAP Overview

Low-Discrepancy Sampling This is the PhD work of Jonathan Quinn about creating low-discrepancy sampling sequwnces of surfaces utilising space-filling curves. This has been applied to point-based rendering, remeshing and robotic painting (in collaboration with Jonathan Corney and Finlay McPherson). Jonathan’s supervisors are Frank Langbein and Ralph Martin.

Point Sampling

A suitable watermarking scheme has to be sufficiently reliable such that it is feasible to use it as a mean to resolve disputes over ownership or origin of a particular object in the context of a court of law or similar situations. It should be infeasible to remove the watermark […]


Monster Overview
Our approach is based on two ideas: (1) decomposing a model into suitable sub-parts simplifies finding regularities, which are less ambiguous compared to analysing the model as one part; and (2) detecting approximate symmetries and related regularities reveals a likely design intent description, but requires careful handling of tolerances to […]

Design Intent Detection

Astarte is intended to become a general object oriented development and user environment specifically aimed for scientific applications. Many scientific projects require complex software. Usually software developed for a certain research project cannot easily be applied or used by other projects. An expandable and adaptable environment especially designed for scientific […]

Astarte Overview