Part of my research evolves around geometric modelling with some topics related to computer graphics and vision. A particular direction is reverse engineering in the sense of generating computational descriptions of artefacts and natural objects and detecting patterns in the measured data suitable for analysis, modification and simulation applications. I am also working on point-based modelling, curves and surfaces, mesh processing, and related issues in differential and computational geometry.

This is software for denoising meshes using the technique described in our paper “Fast and Effective Feature-Preserving Mesh Denoising”. mdenoise-1.1.tar – Mesh Denoising Version 1.1. If you use this code please cite one of these publications:

Mesh Denoising Algorithm

2009-2013: RIVIC: One Wales Research Institute for Visual Computing. WAG (HEFCW) via Bangor University. Consortium: R. R. Martin, N. J. Avis, A. D. Marshall, P. L. Rosin, F. C. Langbein at Cardiff University, with Bangor University (lead), Aberystwyth University, Swansea University. £998,011.

RIVIC: One Wales Research Institute for Visual Computing