F. C. Langbein. Beautification of Reverse Engineered Geometric Models. PhD Thesis, Department of Computer Science, Cardiff University, June 2003. [DOI:10.13140/RG.2.1.1061.7688] [PDF] [LaTeX (tar.gz)] [LaTeX (tar.bz2)]

Beautification of Reverse Engineered Geometric Models

Astarte is intended to become a general object oriented development and user environment specifically aimed for scientific applications. Many scientific projects require complex software. Usually software developed for a certain research project cannot easily be applied or used by other projects. An expandable and adaptable environment especially designed for scientific […]

Astarte Overview

The following software detects approximate symmetries for design intent detection. It has been implemented on Linux in C++ (gcc 3.3) and Matlab using OpenCascade 5.2. Software for Approximate Symmetry Detection If you use this code please cite one of these publications:

Approximate Symmetry Detection