F. C. Langbein. Constraint Satisfaction Problems. Vision Lunch Seminar, Dept. Computer Science, Cardiff University, February 2001. [PDF]

Constraint Satisfaction Problems

B. I. Mills, F. C. Langbein, A. D. Marshall, R. R. Martin. Estimate of Frequencies of Geometric Regularities for Use in Reverse Engineering of Simple Mechanical Components. Technical Report GVG 2001-1, Computational Geometry and Computer Vision Group, Dept. Computer Science, Cardiff University, 2001. [DOI:10.13140/RG.2.1.3683.2087] [PDF]

Estimate of Frequencies of Geometric Regularities for Use in Reverse ...

To obtain the initial data for a part we use a commercial 3D laser scanner. From the generated point clouds a valid CAD model can be created by using existing technologies. This can be done by segmentation of the point sets into subsets and by finding surfaces that best approximate […]

Reverse Engineering and Beautification of Geometric Models

F. C. Langbein, A. D. Marshall, R. R. Martin, B. I. Mills. Beautification and Healing. Geometric Modelling Society Meeting, Brunel University, 6th January, 2000. [PDF]

Beautification and Healing

Twisted Eight
LiLit is a program to visualize functionals on freeform surfaces. It uses biquadratic g-splines to display surfaces and functions, which are defined by a control mesh for the surface and the function from some file in a special input format. It can run the Doo-Sabin subdivision algorithm on the control […]


DeLia intends to address those problems as a universal packaging, configuration and administration system. Instead of setting exact requirements for the configuration of a system the intention is to provide a flexible approach to the configuration within a fixed, but general framework of options. However, at this stage it does […]

DeLiA Overview

partially asynchronous algorithm
F. C. Langbein, Teilweise Asynchrone Algorithmen  [Partially Asynchronous Algorithms]. Parallel Computing Seminar, Second Chair, Mathematical Institute A, Stuttgart University, February 1996. [PDF] [LaTeX (tar.gz)]

Partially Asynchronous Algorithms

PIDS is an algorithm for simplifying mathematical expressions, implemented in emacs lisp. pids-1.0.tar.gz – PIDS Version 1.0. If you use this code please cite