I am interested in modelling, simulating, learning and controlling quantum systems with applications in quantum technologies, often related to spin dynamics. A particular interesting aspect of this is to learn physical laws of a system to enable to control it. Applications are focused on quantum spin networks, spintronics, magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy, and chemical synthesis.

Frank C Langbein, Sophie G Schirmer, Edmond Jonckheere. Static Bias Controllers for XX Spin-1/2 Rings. Data set, figshare, 3rd July 2016. [DOI:10.6084/m9.figshare.3485240.v1] [ZIP] [Repository:https://qyber.black/spinnet/data-static-bias-controllers-xx-spin-rings] [Repository-Mirror:https://github.com/qyber-black/Data-Static-Bias-Controllers-XX-Spin-Rings]

Static Bias Controllers for XX Spin-1/2 Rings